LEO Web Protect removes your private information off the Internet via emails and faxes. There are no letters nor will you ever lick a stamp.

Furthermore, by opening a Full Service Account, we will monitor the internet for any additional information added and remove it for the life of the account.

Being a Law Enforcement Officer has many risks, the last thing we need is to bring the risk back home to our family and loved ones.

As a member, you will receive a discount rate of 25% off Primary cost and renewal.  

I hereby authorize The San Diego Police Officers’ Association, to deduct from my earnings such amounts as may now or hereafter be payable by me under this policy plan purchased through LEO Web Protect. In the event of a rate change, I authorize a corresponding changes in the amount deducted from my earnings, effective in the next available pay period deduction.

Upon submitting this registration, you agree to having $2.88 per pay period withdrawn from my earnings.

Be advised, all new subscription accounts will start on the 1st of the following month.

If you are a retired member of the SDPOA, we will honor the same discount pricing of $74.99 via refund.  Please click the link below to sign up.

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SDPOA does not endorse this product, assumes no responsibility for any of the promises or representation made herein and disclaims any liability with respects to its member’s utilization of the product (s) review in this correspondence.


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