About Leo Web Protect

Tactical survival is one of the principal tenets of the law enforcement profession.  However, when we discuss officer safety, consideration is rarely given to the potential dangers associated with the Internet, nor its nexus to us as public officials and our families.  Over the last decade, data mine websites have blossomed across the Internet at an exponential rate; today their numbers exceed 200.  These Websites profit on the exchange of our private information, which they make readily available to anyone with access to the Internet. 

In recent years, lawless groups including Anonymous, Sovereign Citizens, Occupy Protesters and criminal street gangs, have utilized the Internet to facilitate their targeting of law enforcement, district attorneys, public defenders and judges.  In most cases, motivated by vengeance, judicial officers and their family members have been victimized in the safety of their own homes.  The common thread in these cases was ease in which the perpetrators easily obtained the private information of their intended victims using the Internet. 

LEO Web Protect Inc (LWP) is law enforcement owned and operated and specializes in the removal of personal private information from the Internet.  LWP was conceived, as was the bulletproof vest, with the intent to specifically protect public officials; however, we proudly shield their families too!

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