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LEO Web Protect removes your private information off the Internet via emails and faxes. There are no letters nor will you ever lick a stamp.


Furthermore, by opening a Full Service Account, we will monitor the internet for any additional information added and remove it for the life of the account.

Being a Law Enforcement Officer has many risks, the last thing we need is to bring the risk back home to our family and loved ones.


Additionally, I understand the Farmington Police Department is providing the LEO Web Protect Inc services to its members as a free benefit.  The first additional add-on is included.  If you choose add additional add-ons after the first on, it will be at an additional cost. Be advised, all new subscription accounts will start on the 1st of the following month.

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    By checking the box below and signature on the checkout page, you understand and approve of LEO Web Protect Inc’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, you approve LEO Web Protect to act as your agent in assisting you in removing your private information from the Internet. This authorization shall remain in effect until repealed in writing.

    If you have the ability to attach a copy of your Driver's License, please attach it here.
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    If you have the ability to attach a copy of your Department ID, please attach it here.
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