Important Tips

Please be advised, there is no foolproof method of keeping your private information off the internet

LEO Web Protect Inc assists in hardening you as a target by having website companies remove your private information from their websites. We request removal of your information from websites who have your name, address and/or telephone number listed on their sites. Many times, these webpages offer additional information. Typically, these websites remove the entire page.

LEO Web Protect Inc does not remove social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Furthermore, LEO Web Protect cannot remove news articles and media post (unless they provide addresses and/or telephone numbers).

Using many of these tools below can help keep your information more private. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact us.


Use a United Parcel Service (UPS) or Postal Annex Box. Post Office Boxes (P.O. Box) typically do not allow you to use the street address. If someone is searching for your private information, they will not believe you live in a P.O. Box. If a P.O. Box is found, they typically will not stop looking. If they find a street address, they may believe it is your real address. People may stop looking if they think they have found you. We recommend opening one of these services to collect your mail at an address that is not associated to your home address.


Have all your mail and bills go to the UPS or Postal Annex Box. If you do not like the hassle of retrieving your mail at these locations, they will mail it to you once a week for an extra fee plus the cost of stamps. They place your mail in a small box or envelope and forward it to your home address (they will remove your “junk mail” at your request). You can call to confirm if you have mail. Another benefit is that they will accept your deliveries from items purchased online. You no longer need to worry regarding theft of your packages (aka, “porch pirates”).


Close social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) that are using your real name. We recommend using a nickname. Tell your friends (300+) goodbye and tell your 30+ closest friends and family your new account name. Remember, individuals do social media research. If you leave your real name, it can easily be researched.


Do not give social media your true DOB. If you have already given it to them, we recommend closing the account and reopening a new one. If this is not an option, please amend the date of birth. If a date of birth is required, we recommend using January 1, and your birth year. If that is your real date of birth, please use something else.


Realize the phrase, “We do not sell to 3rd Parties” is meaningless. They give/sell/trade to second parties and then those parties share it. That is a 3rd Party. Please treat your home address as if it is your social security number. We understand there are times you may need to share it, but not with everyone.


Switch to a new cell phone number and make sure it is listed as confidential. Download a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone application. There are numerous ones on the market such as Google number or Magic Jack (We prefer Magic Jack). This will allow you to download the new phone number on your smart phone with its ability to dial out, dial in, and text. This VOIP number will ring with a different ringtone. This will allow you to know in advance if you need to answer the phone. VOIP numbers should be shared with vendors (i.e., banks, credit cards, utility bills, etc.). You may share your personal number with family and friends and use the auxiliary number for all others. If the VOIP number is compromised, you can get a new telephone number and keep your regular telephone number.


Download a call screening app on your cell phone (we recommend “Robokiller”) and look at possibly removing your house phone. You can use the Magic Jack (VOIP Phone). Magic Jack will provide a phone jack to be directly installed to your house internet modem. You can plug in your telephone directly to it and use it as a normal house phone (aka land line). At the same time, you will have the availability to have the app on your cell phone. VOIP phone services vary. Magic Jack is roughly $55 per year.


Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your cell phone and home computer. Every time you go to a website, they are gathering information (especially your Internet Protocol (IP) address). There are several companies providing this service (we recommend Nord VPN). You can download these apps for your personal computer and cell phone.


Set up a Living Trust without using your name (use your initials instead). Place your property in the trust and have all mail go to the Box. If you already have a living trust, we recommend amending the name to your initials.


If you have the opportunity, set up a Blind Trust. It is far better, and it will not have your name attached to the property. Blind trusts are beneficial by hiding the shareholders’ information. They typically cost around $15,000 to set up, but they also help protect your assets and allow flow of your assets to your heirs by limiting tax exposure. There are, however, some negatives. Not all loan companies are experienced with them and refinancing can be more difficult.


If you have a business license (this includes, law, real estate, medical, aviation, Ham Radio, LLC, LLP, and sole proprietor) at your residence, you must change it. We cannot amend this, and it will not go away on its own.


Place a credit freeze on your social security number. This will stop persons from running your credit without explicit permission. You may do this by contacting any of the (3) credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

These are just a few tips. We are hardening you as a target, but by following even a few of these
tips can make a huge difference.

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