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This service enables individuals to work with LEO Web Protect to identify and remove personal information from the internet. The South Gate Police Department is providing this service as an additional safety measure for its employees. We recommend that you also follow the additional security guidance provided regarding personal information on the internet.


As part of the enrollment process, you must attach a copy of your driver’s license and department ID card in the two places designated. These attachments must be in a JPEG or PDF file.


There is an option to add persons from your household who are living in your home to your account at your own expense. To do so, you must attach a copy of the household member’s driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. These attachments must be in a JPEG or PDF file. The South Gate Police Department is not financially responsible for this service for the members of your household. The one-time charges for adding household members are as follows: the first person will cost $34.99 and each additional person is $49.99. Each person is enrolled in this service for as long as you are covered by the South Gate Police Department. The costs for each additional member of your household that you enroll will be charged to you directly. It is not recommended that anyone under the age of 14 be enrolled for this service before considering the laws regarding the sharing or dissemination of personal information of minors.

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    By checking the box below and signature on the checkout page, you understand and approve of LEO Web Protect Inc’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, you approve LEO Web Protect to act as your agent in assisting you in removing your private information from the Internet. This authorization shall remain in effect until repealed in writing.
    If you have the ability to attach a copy of your Driver's License, please attach it here.
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    Mandatory: Attach a copy of your South Gate Dept ID Card.
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